Sports Surgeon - Dr. Mohammed Kandil | Dr. Mohamed Kandil-Best European orthopedic and Sports Surgeon and Specialist
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Dr. Mohamed Kandil, Sports Surgeon offers the most thorough interdisciplinary approach to the prevention and treatment of injuries in athletes and active individuals.

Dr. Kandil is a proclaimed sports surgeon in Dubai, our team is trained to provide you with
appropriate diagnosis, and just as significantly, to assess and correct any affecting factors for injury.

For the competitive athlete and the individual involved in recreational sports, our sports injury care
includes conservative care for chronic problems as well as specialized surgical correction of more serious
problems. As with all our patients our goal is to return you to your active daily life safely and efficiently.

Dr. Kandil can help enhance athletic performance and physical fitness, prevent acute and chronic injuries and extend athletic careers. Dr. Kandil is the go to expert consulted by several famous professional swimmers from the UAE national team, basketball players, runners, golfers, rugby players, cricket players, squash players, tennis players, footballers including the legendary Diego MARADONA and ZIDANE and local sports clubs.

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