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Separated shoulder

A Separated Shoulder, also known as an Acromioclavicular Joint Separation or A/C Separation, is in injury causing damage to the ligaments joining the shoulder blade and collarbone. It is usually a tissue or ligament injury but, in some cases, may also involve a broken bone. It may occur due to a fall or direct hit at the top of the shoulder joint.

Depending upon its severity, Shoulder Separation can be classified as:

Type 1: A mild sprain or stretching in the ligaments in and around the joint.
Type 2: The ligament is completely torn and the collarbone gets partially displaced.
Type 3 to 6: Severe sprain with tearing of the muscles across the shoulder and neck. The Separated Shoulder may appear to be lower than the other one.

Symptoms separated shoulder

  • Shoulder pain.
  • Shoulder or arm weakness.
  • Swelling and numbness
  • Visible bruises and discoloration at the site of injury
  • Tenderness between the collarbone and shoulder
Separated shoulder

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