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PCL Resconstruction Surgery

PCL Resconstruction Surgery

The posterior cruciate ligament, or PCL, is the strongest ligament of the knee. A posterior cruciate ligament injury is a partial or complete tearing or stretching of any part of the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), which is located inside the knee joint.

Types of PCL Injury

Injuries to the PCL can be graded as I, II or III depending on the severity of injury. In grade I the ligament is mildly damaged and slightly stretched, but the knee joint is stable. In grade II there is partial tear of the ligament. In grade III there is complete tear of the ligament and the ligament is divided into two halves making the knee joint unstable.



PCL is usually performed through keyhole surgery under general anaesthetic. You would normally be admitted on the day of the operation and have an overnight stay in hospital. You will not be able to eat for eight hours prior to surgery although you will be able to drink small amounts of water up to four hours before.The operation takes about one hour and your Surgeon will make some incisions in your knee to allow small specially designed instruments to be introduced.


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