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How to avoid injuries at cricket ?

  • Good preparation is important
  • Undertake physical training before the beginning of the season.
  • Warm up and stretch before the day's cricket. Bowlers, particularly fast bowlers, should warm up before their bowling session.
  • Elite cricketers, particularly fast bowlers, should undergo pre-participation screening by a professional.
  • Good technique and practices will help prevent injury
  • Restrict the number of overs bowled in any one session. The actual number should take into account the bowler's physical maturity. This is particularly important for young cricketers.
  • Wear appropriate safety equipment
  • Wear body padding when batting including gloves, leg pads, boxes and forearm guards.
  • When batting, wicket keeping or fielding in close wear a cricket helmet with a faceguard that meets the Australian Standard.
  • Wear protective gear during informal play as well as competition.
  • Seek professional advice on appropriate cricket shoes.
  • Modify rules for children
  • Encourage children to play Kanga cricket as a means of developing good technique.
  • Older children should participate in programs such as VicHit, organised by the Victorian Cricket Association.
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