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Elbow Arthroscopy

Elbow Arthroscopy

Arthroscopic surgery of the elbow is similar to arthroscopy of other joints.  It allows the use of small incisions and small instruments to perform the surgery.  The most common indications for elbow arthroscopy in sports medicine are to remove loose bodies and bone spurs.  Other procedures such as microfracture or tennis elbow surgery can be done arthroscopically.

Elbow arthroscopy is a minimally invasive technique used by orthopaedic surgeons to diagnose and treat a range of conditions affecting the joint.

As in other joints, arthroscopy of the elbow involves the use of fiberoptics and a tiny camera that is inserted through small incisions or portals. Magnified pictures from the camera are projected onto a television monitor in the operating suite. When the procedure is employed to treat an injured or diseased joint, the orthopaedic surgeon inserts miniaturized surgical instruments through an additional portal.


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