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About Dr. Kandil

About Dr. Kandil

About Us

Dr. Kandil brings with him more than 15 years of experience of stellar performance in the field of orthopedics and sports medicine. Having worked in several esteemed institutions of orthopedics in Germany, Dubai, and Egypt. Dr. Kandil is the go to expert consulted by several famous professional swimmers from the UAE national team, basketball players, runners, golfers, rugby players, cricket players, squash players, tennis players, footballers including the legendary Diego MARADONA and ZIDANE and local sports clubs.

Dr. Kandil has completed close to 5000 orthopedics surgical cases in his career and works with over 500 patients per month. Dr Kandil believes that in order to achieve the best possible outcome for any particular patient, a strategic combination of surgical and non-surgical techniques should be utilized.

Dr.kandil has also shared his expertise as an expert sports medicine and orthopedics surgeon on the panel of various famous television shows such as the victorious, where he guided young soccer players about avoiding injuries along with Diego maradona .

He has been featured in several popular magazines like albayan and gulf news. Dr.kandil is also a keen community player and helps run a charitable clinic as well where he treats patients without medical insurance coverage, free of charge. An avid sports enthusiast, Dr. kandil spends his free time working out, and constantly adding to his database of knowledge and experience.

Dr.kandil has treated various celebrities and diplomatic dignitaries also like the Egyptian ambassador.


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