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what could be the cause of your knee pain ?

Knee pain is incredibly common. Knee pain is a special problem for athletes -- over half of all athletes suffer from this.Sports, exercise and other activities can cause muscle strains, tendinitis, and more serious injuries to ligaments and cartilage. Common causes include
  • Arthritis
  • Ligament injury or tear meniscus (cartilage) tear
  • Tendonitis or bursitis
  • What are the treatment options? Exercise and stretching Stretching and strengthening exercises will be prescribed for you based on your condition. Ice your knee Ice your knee to reduce pain and swelling. Do it for 15-20 minutes every 3-4 hours for 2-3 days or until the pain is gone. Elevate your knee with a pillow under your heel when you're sitting or lying down to reduce swelling. Pain medication Doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication or ice for short-term pain relief. Surgery In severe cases where conservative therapy is not effective or appropriate, the are multiple surgical options available. Dr. Kandil Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Surgeon Call or Whatsapp: +971 529030436.
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