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Guiding young soccer players

After athroscopic (keyhole) meniscal repair of the left knee.

After the treatment of Hamstring injury.

After arthroscopic subacromial decompression and acromioclavicular joint resection of the shoulder joint.

After minimally invasive posterior Ankle joint impingement release with os trigonum excision surgery.

After arthroscopic (keyhole) ACL reconstruction with meniscal repair of the knee joint.

After surgical reconstruction of the acute acromioclavicular joint separation.

After arthroscopic (keyhole) knee surgery, microfracture technique for treatment of articular cartilage ulcer.

After arthroscopic (keyhole) meniscal repair, with plica removal of the knee joint.

Mr.Daniel shares his experience after his elbow surgery.

After arthroscopic (keyhole) ACL reconstruction, knee surgery.

After undergoing Achilles Tendon Reconstruction by Dr.Mohamed Kandil.

After right shoulder keyhole arthroscopic surgery for the complaint of Swimmer’s Shoulder.

After Arthroscopic surgery of a patient who was suffering from knee injury for a long time after a sports related knee displacement.

After arthroscopic (keyhole) bankart repair for treatment of Recurrent shoulder dislocation(Shoulder instability).

After arthroscopic ( keyhole) knee surgery

After arthroscopic ( keyhole) knee surgery

After minimally invasive reconstructive surgery for pectoralis major rupture

Guiding young soccer players

After Arthroscopic (Keyhole) Ankle Ligaments Reconstruction and Endoscopic (Keyhole) Foot Planter Fasciotomy

Patient shares his experience after surgery

After surgery, patient met with an accident during his work

After Knee (Keyhole) surgery

Patient shares his experience after surgery

After Shoulder Surgery

After ACL Surgery

After Arthroscopic Knee surgery


5 Months after Surgery

Patient shares her experience at International Modern Hospital

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